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The Importance of Predicative Time Off

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

Predictive time off is crucial for the busy professional. Predictive time off is when you have scheduled time on the calendar you are OFF. I'm talking "OOO" message on, signed out of email and apps, and completely unplugged.

COVID has thrown a wrench in traditional travel and complicated tropical destination vacation plans. I'm certainly not advocating for you to go jet-setting if you're not comfortable (we are still living through a pandemic). However, I am encouraging you to be intentional with your time-off in 2021.

If you're like me, the last 10-months for you have been an endless loop of remote work. While I've enjoyed the zero-commute time to my home office, I found my energy, creativity, and vibe becoming super stagnant. I had to get away.

So my family went outside their comfort zone and booked a rental home in the Florida panhandle. We decided to drive from Chicago for maximum social-distancing efforts. We took the week off work between Christmas and New Year's to recharge our batteries for 2021.

The sunshine, the time off, the new environment, the challenge of navigating a new adventure - have made a world of difference for my mental clarity and energy levels.

My husband and I are already scheduling our next "vacation" a few weeks from now. We may not be escaping to a sunny locale, but we will be unplugging so we can rest and recharge.

If you find you're getting run down, grumpy, and uninspired, it's a sign you need some vacay time.

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