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About Amy

I'm Amy Galvin, a Coach, Business Leader, & Women's Equality Advocate.


As a career mom's coach, I'm passionate about helping ambitious working mothers rebalance their life and claim their personal freedom. As a women’s empowerment coach, I’m dedicated to helping women break cycles so they can live a life that feels more manageable, more fulfilling, and more aligned with who they are personally and professionally. 


In 2007, along with my husband, I co-founded Luxury Living - a six-time Inc. 5000, fastest-growing company in America. I have intentionally grown our female workforce from 40% to 72%, creating a workplace where women sit at the table and a culture that supports working mothers. 


I'm a mom to Mia and Lana - my two daughters.


In 2015, when my daughters were ages six and three, and Luxury Living was starting to take off, I felt pulled in two different directions. I was a career woman and a housewife at the same time. I would put in a full day's work at the office and return home to parent my daughters and run my household. I wanted to believe I was a super mom, but in reality, I was frazzled, exhausted, and stretched way too thin.


I knew I didn't want to leave the workforce, so I learned how to survive and thrive all on my own. 


Now, I coach career moms and teach workshops at companies because of my experience and transformation as a working mother and my successful leadership in promoting career moms in my company. Through my coaching, speaking, and workshops, I empower women to put themselves first and achieve equality at work by creating more equity in their homes. 


I believe when women achieve more equity at home, the support and balance they experience spread to other areas of their life, and they become liberated in their motherhood. When a woman defies social norms and expectations of what being a wife, mother, and woman means, they rebalance their life and deepen their relationship with themselves and their family. When a mom gets liberated, her life completely transforms, and her whole family thrives.  


Here’s what some of my clients say about their experience working with me:


“Coaching with Amy was the most freeing experience. After the conversation, I felt like I had shed a person. I didn’t know what would come from it, but it felt good to get it out there. At the same time, there was anxiety around now what I wanted was out there. Amy gave me the support and accountability I needed to have conversations with myself and others. Now I love what I do. I love the people I work with. I love my family. I love where I am in my life."


“Excellent. Inspiring. Empowering. Working with Amy as a coach provides a really good space to talk about things. Coaching with Amy is something everyone can benefit from. Knowing Amy is a fellow mom with older kids was exciting for me because she gave me good food for thought. If you feel like you’re a parent who is struggling now, Amy can relate to what you have been through."


Ready to transform your life? Contact me to schedule a discovery call and take the first step to your liberation. Together, we’ll walk the path to rebalancing your life and claiming your freedom. 

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