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Working from Home

Moms Get Liberated Coaching Program

A 1:1 coaching program for claiming your personal freedom and balancing your life as a career mom.

Discover what's working and what's not in your work/life and communication style. Identify the parts of your life ready to transform.


Receive the resources, coaching, and support you need to become empowered to shed the guilt, overwhelm and struggle of modern working motherhood. 

Create the support in your life you need as a parent and a professional.

Mirror Your New Reality Coaching Program

A 1:1 coaching experience to initiate your soul's desires and live a life that feels manageable, fulfilled, and aligned with what you want personally and professionally.


Learn to work in a new way, shifting work from the centerpiece of your life and gain back time and energy for yourself. 

Receive the resources, coaching, and support needed to trust your intuition, feel confident, and make your dreams a reality. 

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The Energy Empowerment Session

A one-time online assessment and 90-minute empowerment session to reveal your energetic frequency and uncover areas of your life ready for a transformation.

Receive the keys to better understanding your energy frequency and knowing how to utilize it to make shifts in your life.


After the session, you'll be able to take positive and productive actions that will work best for you - not what somebody tells you to do.

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More Heart More Soul
Corporate Workshops & Coaching 

A combination of group workshops and 1:1 coaching for organizations desiring to create more heart-centered work cultures and support the women at their organization to really thrive.

Help your team combat the burnout and fatigue plaguing them and shift to a healing path that allows them to show up as whole versions of themselves.

A safe space for your team to reflect, connect, learn and grow, which will enhance professional development and result in positive contributions to the company.

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