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FREE Webinar

Rediscovering Yourself Post Pandemic

In this this quick, 30-minute webinar, you will learn how to reconnect to yourself, go inwards to listen, and lay a new path by:


  • Shifting your mindset from surviving to thriving

  • Exploring your creativity to combat burnout and boredom

  • Releasing what no longer serves you and inviting in more of what you desire


You will take away three tools:


  • Essential mindset shifts

  • Creative quest exercise

  • Moon cycle intention setting practice


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Moon Circle Guidance: Chris Corsini, Spirit Daughter, Arona Lee of The Moon Deck

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Why Watch:

Over the last two years, career moms have sacrificed more than anybody. We have put our desires, dreams, and plans on the back burner to prioritize our family’s needs. 


If you are a career mom, you may be experiencing the following:


  • Resentful of your role as the default parent

  • Burned out and bored from the monotony of the everyday

  • Ready to plant new seeds in your metaphorical garden


These are clues you are ready for more in your life. 


As we move into a new phase, now is an optimal time to stop ignoring and neglecting your desires and establish new foundations for a more harmonious life. 


You can be liberated into the joy you most want in your connection with your kids, partner, and yourself. By making even one small, fun change, there can be a ripple effect out into your life. You can - with more ease than you think - get out of being a martyr and into the life you really desire. 


The good news is that you don't have to wait for someone to set you free - with just a mindset tweak you can do this for yourself!

Event Speaker:

Amy Galvin is a business leader, coach, and women’s equality advocate who works with individuals and companies to create more equitable workplaces and experiences for women. 


Amy believes equity at work starts at home when women have support from their partners and the tools to manage their home life while having a career. 


Through her own experience and transformation as a working mother and successful leadership promoting career moms, she now coaches and teaches workshops. 


Amy is a certified professional coach and trained facilitator of The Fair Play Method. Amy has been recognized as a Who's Who in Chicago Real Estate and a Bisnow Chicago Power Woman for her leadership and support of women in the industry. Her thought leadership on women at work has appeared in Inman and Authority Magazine. Amy has been a guest speaker at numerous events in Chicago. 

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