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Free Yourself to Be Your Best Self

Last week I had the honor of being a panelist at the Chicago Association of Realtors Titans of Industry Women in Real Estate event.

My panel’s topic was “Managing Your Most Important Asset - Yourself.” The discussion took a deep dive into intentional self-care and establishing harmony between your professional and personal life. All topics are right up my alley!

In exploring the questions I was given to prepare for this event, a theme resonated loud and clear: I had to free myself to be my best self.

Over the last few years, I have learned to practice letting go of the expectations placed on me by society, the media, family, friends, etc., to live life the way I desire.

The process started during the early part of the pandemic. When I didn’t have an office to commute to every day, I realized how much I was missing out on in my life by working so hard.

I was society’s definition of success, as I started my own company, lived in a lovely house, and had 2.5 children. Even though I had checked all of the boxes, I realized I wasn’t fulfilled when everything stopped during quarantine. I was working so hard to live up to everyone else’s expectations that I wasn’t truly living for myself.

Once I discovered this truth, cut out the noise, and listened to my heart, I started making significant changes to my life.

I connected with my spirituality. I became intentional in spending meaningful time with my children. I went back to school to become a professional coach. I even transitioned out of my job of 14-years.

Two years later, I feel genuinely aligned and live my life based on the highest good for me and not what others want me to be. Because I’m living life on my terms, I show up for everyone around me as a better version of myself.

To live a completely fulfilled life means shutting off the shoulds and wholly trusting yourself and your intuition.

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