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Prioritizing Yourself: The Key to Happier Motherhood

Earlier this month, I went to Tulum on a spiritual retreat. What would you say if I told you I didn’t speak to my husband and kids the whole five days I was away?

Would you be shocked? Would you think I was a bad mom? Would you be craving the same experience?

I needed a break, so I took it. When I returned, I was happier, refreshed, and ready to mother again.

Here’s the truth. To be a good mother, you need to put yourself first.

I know that feels nearly impossible, but hear me out. I coach stressed and overwhelmed moms, and here’s why putting yourself first is ESSENTIAL for you to feel happier and freer in your motherhood.

When you prioritize your well-being, you become more grounded and better handle the demands of motherhood.

  1. By prioritizing your needs, you demonstrate the importance of self-care, self-worth, and setting boundaries for your children.

  2. When you take the time to rest, engage in activities that bring you joy, or pursue personal interests and passions, you return to your caregiving responsibilities with renewed energy and focus.

  3. You lead a more satisfying life when you have a strong sense of identity and fulfillment outside of your role as a parent, partner, and professional.

  4. Taking care of your needs first helps cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling connection with yourself and your family.

I also want to share being overwhelmed, burnt out and stressed is common for working moms. It might not be easy, but the answer is to prioritize yourself.

What do you think will change when you put yourself first?

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