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Empowering You and Your Partner to Share the Load

“I just wish he would help!”

You’re not the only one who wants to scream this into the void.

Many moms I work with want their partners to help them more around the house but have difficulty knowing what to delegate when he says, “Just tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”

Despite trying to hand off a task or two, my clients still feel it would be easier to do the darn thing themselves when their partner doesn’t do it the way they would.

Here’s why this pattern exists:

Your partner is concerned about not meeting your perfectionist standards.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, so I can say that.

I used to experience this same scenario with my husband, Aaron. I didn’t know how to ask him for help without feeling like I was nagging, and I was concerned I would feel dissatisfied with how he went about executing my requests.

One way to break this pattern is to determine your minimum standard for something getting done, communicate it to your partner, and then let him take on the task. Now that’s one less thing on your plate, and he’s not afraid of falling flat because he knows the standards he’s trying to meet and not trying to read your mind.

Are you ready to feel supported?

Through my Moms Get Liberated Coaching Program, I help working moms break through perfectionism to receive their partner’s support at home.

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