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My Fair Play Story

In 2015, I was a mother of two young daughters, ages 6 and 3. My husband, Aaron and I, worked together as co-founders of a thriving Chicago real estate company. I had two very full-time jobs, as working mothers do. I was a career woman and a housewife at the same time.

I put in a full day’s work building and managing a company and returned home to parent my daughters and run my household. I wanted to believe I was a super mom, but in reality, I was frazzled, exhausted, and stretched way too thin.

I was also very resentful towards Aaron.

We were business partners and equal in our professional life, but when we were home, the dynamic shifted, and I silently took on the majority of the domestic responsibilities.

For years, I struggled to explain what I was going through to Aaron. He was always willing to help, but I didn’t know how to involve him. I always thought it would be easier to do it myself. That’s just what moms do, or so I thought.

In 2019, I read the book Fair Play by Eve Rodsky. It was game-changing!

The techniques I found in Fair Play helped me bring more balance to my home and gave me a framework to engage Aaron constructively. The book gave us a foundation, a common language, and an operating system.

Flash forward a few years, Eve and her team reached out to me when launching their facilitator training because I was a big supporter of Fair Play and a professional coach. They asked me to be part of their very first training cohort. I was honored and excited.

Now I get to help Fair Play by bringing these teachings to more women. We are building a movement!

As a facilitator, I work with individuals and companies to create healthy, sustainable change for equity at home and in the workplace.

If you are interested in learning more about how Fair Play can help you or think you’d like to become a facilitator too, you can visit to learn more!

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