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My Essential Mindset Shifts to Rebalance Your Life as a Working Mother

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

We have deeply internalized messages about a woman’s role within her family. As a first step towards bringing more equity into your home, it’s essential to transform your way of thinking. Change starts with how we personally think about Motherhood, family dynamics, and our relationship with our partner.

This is about your unlearning. You’ve been complicit. Identifying and acknowledging how you did that is key to your shift toward worthiness.

If you want to rebalance your home life, raise your family in the name of equality, and gain more personal freedom, I invite you to shift your mindset.

Here are a few shifts to get you started:

  • Motherhood is completing a list of household chores ---> Motherhood is a rewarding, human experience.

  • Your identity is “mom” ---> Your identity is unique, special, and exciting and welcomes nurturing.

  • You are solely responsible for running the household ---> You can co-create a beautiful family dynamic with your partner where you both feel valued.

To receive all 10 of my mindset shifts and journal prompts to help you explore, please feel free to download my free guide!

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