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Accountability is the Key to Hitting Your 2021 Goals

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

If you set goals for this year, how is your progress going?

It's normal if you've fallen off the motivation wagon. You achieve goals through discipline, commitment, and consistency, but often, we rely on pure motivation to get the job done.

While motivation gets you started toward your goal, it's going to come and go depending on what life throws at you.

That's where ACCOUNTABILITY comes in!

Here are a few actions you can take to create accountability and get you back on track to crushing your 2021 goals.

1: Have a Plan

It’s time to create a schedule that breaks your goals down into monthly, weekly, and even daily tasks.

Every single goal has a step-by-step process, but if you’re not identifying and executing those action items, you may be mismanaging your time.

2: Create Small Milestone Moments to Celebrate

Can you identify a few milestone moments you can celebrate on your way to your big goal?

Incentivizing yourself by celebrating your small milestones can lead to a boost in commitment (and give you a burst of motivation).

3: Get an Accountability Partner

Keeping yourself accountable can be challenging, so find an accountability partner.

An accountability partner can be a friend, colleague, fellow team member, or professional coach (Hi - my name is Amy, and I’m a professional coach) to keep yourself consistently working toward your goal.

Find an accountability partner committed to helping you achieve your goal, and share your plan, milestones, obstacles, and wins with them.

Schedule periodic check-ins, and ask for feedback so you can keep working toward your goal.

4: Remember Why You Started in the First Place

The best way to continue making progress is to remember why you set the goal.

What will achieving this goal bring you one step closer to getting out of your life?

Keeping this top-of-mind will help you re-focus when the going gets tough.

If you think you could use a coach as an accountability partner, I’d love to hear from you. You can schedule a FREE coaching session with me to get started.

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