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Reclaim Your

Personal Freedom 


Rebalance Your Life as a Career Mom

A coaching experience to create equity in your home, harmony in your family and support in your professional life.

You desire a more empowered career mom experience.

You love being a mom, and it’s important for you to have a career.  In addition to your workday, you have a second shift. You’re the one responsible for keeping everything at home running while working full-time. You may be considering leaving the workforce altogether because it’s become too much. You’ve been holding it together as best you can for a really long time (in fact, you make it look easy). Your family loves their super mom; however, you are constantly exhausted, stretched way too thin, and have no time for yourself.  In your heart, you know there has to be a more empowering way to experience working motherhood.

You wish your partner would be more supportive and helpful. 

You know your husband loves you and the kids. He works so hard to provide for all of you. Still, you feel resentful and frustrated towards him because you work hard too, and you’re the one who shoulders the majority of the workload at home, not him. He wants to be a caring and supportive partner. You want him to be helpful all on his own. You don’t want to tell him what to do, and you don’t know how to ask for help without feeling like you’re nagging or failing. You deeply desire to shift the inequities in your home and create a more loving relationship with your partner.

You seek guidance on how to integrate your professional and personal lives.

You need more flexibility from your manager and company because there are too many demands on mothers in a post-pandemic world. You are tired of hiding your motherhood from your boss and are ready to be your whole, authentic self at work. Having this freedom will ease your stress, help you feel more supported, and ultimately translate into more enjoyment in your work. 

You’re ready to transform your family.

You want to set an example for your children of what a modern mom, marriage, and household looks like and break the cycle of imbalance for the next generation. You are ready to feel supported, empowered, and free to be your best self. 

As much as you want this, you’re not sure where to start. You are looking for support and guidance from someone who knows how to make this type of shift and has successfully transformed herself, her partnership, her professional life, and her family. 

That's me! As your coach, I'll offer you a supportive structure and accountability.

I'll guide and mentor you, meet you where you are, and use experience from my own transformation to support you. Working together is your pathway to achieving more equity in your home, at work, and more life for yourself. 

The Results You Can Expect

Feel Appreciated and Valued.

You do a whole lot for other people. Often it feels like nobody says thank you or even notices and you feel underappreciated. Know that I see you and through our work, you will feel affirmed, known, and validated. When we start working together, your family will see it, too. 

Be Lighter and Freer. 

At work and at home, everyone relies on you to get the job done. That’s a heavy weight to carry. You'll be empowered to shed the obligation and expectation. 

Rediscover Yourself.

It’s common to lose yourself after you have kids. You’re more than someone’s wife or mother. You’re someone special. Together, we’ll explore who that is and ways to nurture her. 

Be Confident You Have a Supportive System in Place. 

No more invisible workload! You'll learn a game-changing system and rebalance your domestic responsibilities.

Delight in the Time You’ve Reclaimed.

How often are you putting everyone else first? You'll identify where boundaries feel needed in your life and learn methods for creating more space and time for you!

Choose Your Support Experience

This program supports you through 3 cycles of transformation. You can begin with cycle 1 and see what shifts, or you can commit to all 3 cycles because you feel ready.
Each cycle is 6 sessions over 3 months.

Cycle 1: Clarify

In this cycle, you will create self-awareness around your feelings, wants, and needs as a career mom. We'll do a deep examination of your values, beliefs, and your identity as it relates to motherhood. You'll explore what's working and what's not in your work-life, household management, and communication with your partner. This is a safe space and a time for you to share your true concerns. You'll identify the parts of your life ready for a transformation.

Cycle 2: Create

In this next cycle, you begin to create change by cultivating your true vision of your personal and professional life. You will also claim your true desires for yourself, your relationship with your partner, and your family. Doing this work creates the possibility to experience shifts in yourself, your family, and professionally that align with your vision.

Cycle 3:


In the final cycle, you will learn the Fair Play Method. During this time, you'll be supported with hands-on strategies to help you communicate effectively, lighten your load and bring more harmony to your home. You'll be ready to invite your partner to the table in a way that is playful, has a purpose, and offers the potential for you both to feel heard and valued.

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Sandy Williams

This is your Testimonial quote. It’s a great place to share reviews about you, your personal qualities and your services. Add client details for extra credibility and get your site visitors excited from day one!

Casey Johnson


All the Services You'll Receive:

2 Coaching Sessions Per Month

In our sessions, you receive both guidance and practical strategies customized for your unique journey. The beauty of private coaching is I listen deeply and meet you where you are.

Post-Session Action Plans

After each session, you receive a written plan from me summarizing the breakthroughs and aha moments of our session, activities you’ll do to work towards your personal desires, plus resources to support you to be in action.

Resources & Activities 

I'll share customized resources and activities, plus ongoing practices that compliment your unique family dynamic. You'll also receive a copy of The Fair Play Book and The Fair Play Deck.

Support Between Sessions

Between sessions you may want to celebrate a success, get my feedback on something, or just know you are supported. I’m always available to you for quick motivating check-ins!

Access to My Network

My network is filled with career moms just like you! Through my online community, virtual and in-person events, you’ll get to meet inspiring women who can offer additional support, camaraderie, and fun.

Invest in Your Self & Your Family's Transformation

Your Investment

  • 6 coaching sessions (per cycle) 

  • 2 sessions per month

  • $2400 per cycle paid as $800/month​

Return on Investment

What you'll experience:

  • Reclaim Your Personal Freedom

  • Discover Who You are Again 

  • Reignite Your Relationship with Your Partner

  • Harmonize Your Family

Your Set Up

To get started, you will receive:​

  • Client agreement to sign​

  • Link to set your monthly autopay​

  • Pre-survey to get to know you better

Ready for Transformation?

If this coaching invitation resonates with you, schedule a free, no-obligation introductory session with me. I’ll ask clarifying questions that begin to show us where your life is ready for a transformation. You’ll gain insight into your future path and you’ll also get to know how you would feel working with me.

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