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Women's equality at work starts with equity in the home.

You are not free. You've been relying on willpower and coffee.

You want to be an amazing mom. You want a fulfilling relationship with your partner. You want to be good at your job and love your work again. 

I can show you a way to do that fully liberated!

Hi, I'm Amy!

Coach & The Fair Play Method Certified Facilitator

If you are a career mom who feels overwhelmed by everything on your plate personally and professionally, know you're not alone. I have been there, too. 

I am a mother of two daughters. I also co-founded a real estate company with my husband that I managed for 14-years. I had two very full-time jobs, as working mothers do, and it was exhausting. 

I knew I didn't want to leave the workforce, so I had to learn how to thrive all on my own.

Rooted in my transformation and extensive training, I now serve as a coach and mentor to help you claim your personal freedom, engage your partner's support, and transform your life. 


Ready to feel empowered in your motherhood?

Schedule a free, no-obligation introductory session to explore coaching with me. You’ll gain insight into your future path and you’ll also get to know how you would feel working with me.

This is for you if:

  • You desire a more empowered career mom experience.

  • You wish your partner would be more supportive & helpful. 

  • You're seeking guidance on how to integrate your personal & professional life. 

  • You’re ready to transform your family.

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